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Boosting Productivity by Unifying Sales and Revenue Management

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Dec 6, 2022   – 

Are disconnected processes and siloed data eroding your sales and margins? Find out how to plug revenue leakage by integrating your selling and revenue management processes on a single platform. 

Learn how this approach helps:

  • Reduce revenue and margin leakage due to unifying fragmented processes and systems onto a single platform
  • Create an enhanced single view of the customer supplemented through integration with back office systems and processes
  • Generate greater AI insights and recommendations across both selling and revenue management 
  • Improve product availability through advanced account forecasting

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Andrew Witherspoon, VP, Manufacturing Industry Advisor, Salesforce

Andrew Witherspoon

VP, Manufacturing Industry Advisor, Salesforce

Andrew Witherspoon is a Vice President and Manufacturing Industry Advisor at Salesforce, where he leads go-to-market strategy and consults with customers on their transformation projects.

Andrew is a leading expert in eCommerce and eBusiness, having served in executive roles at Sterling Commerce(IBM), Comergent, DuPont, and co-founding CloudCraze B2B Commerce which was acquired by Salesforce in 2018.
Andrew earned his B.S. from Duke University.

Keith Staninger, Chief Digital Officer at Flexco

Keith Staninger

Chief Digital Officer at Flexco

As Chief Digital Officer, Keith creates digital offerings, simplifying the customer and employee experience, and digitizes operations. Keith joined Flexco in 2020 as Chief Digital Officer, responsible for establishing and implementing the company's digital transformation, while enabling strategic and business model innovation. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Integrated Manufacturing from Purdue University, an MBA with an emphasis in Strategic Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and a graduate certificate in Financial Management from Rutgers University.

Dave Augliera

Managing Director, VP, Membership and Managing Director, Business Strategy Community, Manufacturers Alliance

Dave Augliera has held the position as Vice President of Membership and Managing Director at Manufacturers Alliance since 2019. His strong expertise in Business Strategy, Marketing, Sales, and Strategic Planning has allowed him to excel in overseeing membership sales, services, and retention, all while also serving as Council Director for the Manufacturers Alliance Sales Council. 

Since joining Manufacturers Alliance in 2007, Dave has worked with management teams from hundreds of manufacturing companies. He previously worked at ESPN, and received his degree in Economics from the University of Connecticut.