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Improve Mental Health Care with Digital Therapeutics

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Apr 27, 2022   – 
On Demand

Estimates for mental disorders in the manufacturing industry vary: one study found that 30% of workers in processing and manufacturing reported a mental health history, another found that 23% of manufacturing employees were depressed, and nearly 40% of female factory workers surveyed reported mental health issues. Mental health issues are a major contributor to absenteeism, reduced productivity, and costly turnovers. 

There are many stigmas and biases that prevent those suffering from mental health problems from recognizing they have a problem and from accessing care, and those who do are confronted with a mental health care system that is overwhelmed by the surging need. During this on-demand webinar, Dr. Maddy Makori discusses the current state of the mental health care system, the low perceived need, biases, and barriers impacting factory employees and the manufacturing industry from accessing quality care, and the costly impacts of poor mental health. After watching this webinar, you’ll find yourself asking:

  • How can I provide factory employees with equitable access to mental health care? They may not be able to meet with providers during normal 8-5 or 9-6 hours. My employees may not have as many options of providers due to our more remote location.
  • How can I educate my workforce about mental health problems and reduce the stigma?
  • How can I help my employees navigate the difficult health care system where you so often must advocate for yourself to get proper care?

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