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Jumpstart Digitalization Across the Value Chain

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Mar 1, 2022   – 
On Demand, 1 hour

Digitalization yields insights and benefits that give companies a competitive advantage. It provides a more accurate picture of manufacturing processes, identifying inefficiencies early and resulting in higher quality production. Through the virtual validation of products, companies can speed up the design process and eliminate the need for physical prototypes. By connecting real-time data from production, they can continuously optimize a product’s performance in the field. 

However, many companies are uncertain where to start and how best to implement a digitalization project.  

Manufacturers are also having to adjust to how they collaborate with suppliers, which adds complexity to digitalization projects. By following a systematic approach that is adaptable and scalable, manufacturers can harmonize equipment designs and solutions from different suppliers.

During this webinar, attendees will learn how develop and implement an enterprise functional specification that includes digitalization topics to ensure a systematic approach to collaborative projects and effective management of project data from suppliers. Learn about the benefits, approaches, and technology solutions and standards to execute: 

  • Comprehensive digital twins 
  • Combined simulation and virtual commissioning along the value chain
  • Ecosystem integration 





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