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Maximizing the Value of Tax Provision Software - On Demand

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Oct 27, 2021   – 
On demand, 1 hour

Tax provision software is often underutilized within tax departments, which marginalizes its benefits. This results in manual data entry processes, cumbersome manipulation of outputs, redundant work, and the lack of a single source of truth – not to mention the loss of your initial investment. 

Usually, addressing these shortcomings requires further investment in the technology to achieve its full benefit. But guess what? Maximizing your tax provision software does not have to be a heavy or expensive lift. 

In this webinar, Global Tax Management’s Ryan Lynch and Anthony Sorrentino will provide insight into how you can utilize provision software to its full potential. Attendees will learn about:

  • Automating data entry, calculations, and reporting within the year-end close
  • Integrating software and process between provision and compliance
  • Leveraging provision software for other activities

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