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Prepare for the Hybrid Future of Work: On-Demand

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Jun 10, 2021   – 

Kenan S. Abosch, Partner, Aon

Ken is a partner and Aon’s Global Job Architecture Consulting Practice Leader. He has over 35+ years of experience consulting in all facets of human resources including linkage to business strategy, globalization, engagement, incentive design, broadbanding, and employer branding. Ken has worked with numerous organizations to help them achieve breakthrough value creation through their people and is a frequent speaker on the topic.

Prior to joining Aon, Ken worked for Eli Lilly and Company in the areas of compensation, employee relations, and pharmaceutical sales. Ken holds an M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a B.A. in psychology from Northwestern University.

Yanina Koliren, Partner, Aon

Yanina is a partner in Aon's Human Capital Solutions Practice where she serves as the Manufacturing Sector Lead, Future of Work research lead and DEI Co-Chair for the Rewards business. Yanina defines herself as innovator, business leader and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion. Yanina joined Aon 22 years ago in Argentina and have been holding global Reward roles with emphasis in the Americas since then. Over the past year Yanina has been focusing on building the Manufacturing sector for the practice and researching and helping clients on Future of Work issues. She frequently speaks at industry conferences, roundtables, and in webinars.

Jeffrey Ryer, Ph.D., Associate Partner, Aon

Dr. Ryer is an associate partner in Aon’s Assessment Solutions Practice with expertise in selection program design, development and validation, leadership assessment, executive coaching, leadership development, competency modeling, and career path modeling. He has been with Aon since 1997, working with a variety of clients in manufacturing and across industry sectors.

Prior to joining Aon Hewitt, Dr. Ryer was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  He conducted research on work motivation, perceptions of fairness and employee job satisfaction. He holds advanced degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

David Beckoff, VP, Insights, MAPI

David Beckoff leads MAPI’s research, benchmarking programs, and educational events for the manufacturing community. As Vice President of the MAPI Foundation, David produces independent and partnered research featuring business insights on workforce, technology, digital transformation, and industry trends. Prior to joining MAPI in 2018, he served as research director at Gartner (and formerly at CEB) and led teams in developing strategic research, best practices case studies, and decision support to help executives with management challenges.