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Tech, Skills & Strategies to Advance Predictive Maintenance

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Jul 27, 2022   – 

Predictive maintenance is continuing to gain momentum as many manufacturers are quickly realizing the increased benefits and ROI. According to our recent research, more than 95% of manufacturers surveyed increased productivity because of implementing predictive maintenance, and for most, productivity gains are more than 25%. Additional noted benefits of predictive maintenance include increased uptime and production output, improved product quality, and cost efficiencies. 

While the benefits of predictive maintenance are substantial and rapid, manufacturers are being held back moving from pilot to widespread deployment due to disparate systems and strategies across factories, inaccurate, incomplete, or too much data, and scarcity of talent. 

During this webinar, technology experts from ATS will provide an overview of the different maintenance phases, drawing from their three decades of experience working with hundreds of manufacturing companies to increase uptime, improve productivity and reduce costs. Key discussion points will focus on machine health monitoring technologies, skillsets, and strategies required to advance to data-driven predictive maintenance.