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Top 3 Digital Finance Trends for Manufacturers: On-Demand

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Apr 21, 2021   – 

Erik Modh, Managing Director, North America, Pagero

Bringing modern global ecommerce knowledge from Europe to the U.S., Erik has over ten years of experience at Pagero helping global organizations transform and 100% digitalize their financial processes to scale and streamline. 

One of his biggest customer challenges is how to turn both regulatory and customer-specific e-invoice requirements into a business advantage, helping organizations save time, cut invoicing costs, reduce risks, and go paperless to help their teams focus on more strategic tasks.

Having previously managed regions in Scandinavia who are already advanced in the e-invoicing space, Erik has supported manufacturers of all types to digitalize their processes to better reach their trading partners.

Brad Colie, Executive Account Manager, Pagero

With over five years of experience in the industry, Brad has helped multi-national organizations holistically automate their end-to-end P2P and O2C processes while helping them fulfill their global trading partners’ invoice, EDI, and government requirements in a growing digital world. 

With a future-focused outlook in both e-invoicing and digital finance, Brad’s experience has helped organizations in North America, Latin America, and Europe prepare for the increased demands of e-invoicing for not only regulatory and tax compliance, but also to satisfy growing commercial demands for automation.