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COVID-19 Vaccine and Mask Policies

August 2021

Manufacturing leaders participated in this poll conducted August 3-4 and share their changes to mask and vaccination guidelines in light of new CDC guidance. 

  • There are significant concerns over vaccination levels at manufacturing sites – 82% of leaders report being either concerned or very concerned about overall vaccination levels.
  • Concerns over vaccination effects are declining – a majority of leaders reported low levels of concern compared to our March report regarding vaccination effects (e.g., side effects, absenteeism).
  • Majority are reevaluating policies – 82% of leaders are reevaluating their approach to masks in light of the new CDC guidance.
  • Companies have implemented several efforts to support vaccination – 84% of companies provide work schedule flexibility and 75% are using their own locations to facilitate vaccination. 
  • Multiple incentives are in place to promote vaccination – 76% of companies provide time off and 43% offer financial incentives as part of their rewards programs to increase vaccination rates.

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