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Facility Deep Cleaning for COVID-19

As manufacturers manage their response to COVID-19 spread, deep cleaning of facilities – factories as well as corporate offices – has vaulted to a mission-critical activity for business continuity. Manufacturers Alliance polled its members and curated insights from peer discussion of policies and practices to help companies benchmark their approach.

  • Consulting Policies & Procedures – at least 90% of member companies polled have policies and procedures for deep cleaning when an employee has been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19.
    • MAPI members advise documenting and communicating cleaning standards, procedures, and safety protocols with employees, as well as securing cleaning supplies in advance and lining up contingency plans with third-party cleaning service providers.
  • Policies Activated in Practice – Nearly 60% of companies have already deep cleaned at least one facility due to the COVID-19 outbreak, with a majority doing so at multiple locations.
    • However, even in the case of a facility shutdown it is more common to deep clean select areas of a facility only, rather than all or most of it.
    • Outside specialists and contractors are more likely tasked with the cleaning than full-time staff.
  • Triggered and Preventative, Both – for 4 in 5 members, a positive test of an employee OR direct employee contact with a confirmed case will trigger deep cleaning. Discretion on deep cleaning is more commonly exercised in response to a person under investigation or showing symptoms.
    • Two-thirds of companies are also using deep cleaning on a proactive, preventative basis in addition to known exposures or positive testing of employees.
    • Protocols shared from MAPI member IDEX include a checklist of surfaces to clean regularly, as well as standards for known/suspected cases, including preferred deployment of professional cleaning services.

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