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OSHA ETS COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Preparation

Seventy manufacturing leaders participated in this poll conducted November 17 – December 6 to share their approach to vaccination and testing under the OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS).

A few key findings:

  • Up to the employee – The majority of companies are allowing employees to decide between weekly testing and vaccination.
  • Most companies are covering the cost of weekly testing – 63% of companies that are not requiring vaccination are covering the cost of weekly testing.
  • Majority is concerned about the availability of testing kits – 83% of leaders are concerned about having sufficient access to weekly testing kits to avoid any disruption in the workplace.
  • For most, more than half of the plant workforce is or plans to get vaccinated – 67% of companies believe that more than half of their plant workforce has been vaccinated or is planning to get vaccinated. 
  • Encouragement and flexibility are the main strategies to support vaccination – 74% of companies provide employees encouragement to support COVID-19 vaccinations, another 70% provide work schedule flexibility. 

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