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Workforce Vaccination Approach

Manufacturing leaders shared their approach to workforce vaccination in a poll conducted on February 19 – 26. As concern with vaccination availability and awareness continues, leaders are encouraging, but not mandating, vaccination through employee education and incentives.

  • Significant vaccination concerns – Leaders report challenges with availability, safety, and awareness regarding workforce vaccination.
  • Companies are encouraging, not mandating, vaccination – Nearly all leaders are urging employees to get vaccinated, and 90% do not plan to require any proof of vaccination to return to the workplace. 
  • Multiple efforts in place to support vaccination – A majority of companies are providing schedule flexibility, information, and support for vaccination costs.
  • Internal communication is the main approach to educating the workforce – 86% are sending company-wide communication, and a subset is taking more creative approaches, such as inviting guest speakers or offering educational programs.
  • Incentives typically include time off or wellness rewards – More than half are providing time off to employees getting vaccinated while 24% are providing wellness rewards (similar to flu shots). 
  • Some are updating policies – 24% of companies are addressing vaccination by including policies in wellness and safety or COVID-19 policies, and 34% are considering making changes. 

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