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2022 Comprehensive Crisis Management

Risk management leaders participated in our comprehensive study regarding their approach, leadership, team, and processes for crisis management. Key findings include:

  • Crisis Management Continues to Grow as a Top Concern – 73% of companies have found crisis management more important to their business in the last 5 years
  • A Push from the Top – For one-third of companies, crisis management is a push from senior management 
  • Varied Approach on Leadership – 38% of companies have a different leader for different categories of crisis, while 38% don’t assign different leaders. 
  • Communications Led by PR Team – 77% of companies have a PR team or PR firm on retainer. 
  • Less than Half Have Standing Groups – For 60% of companies, their crisis management team is a group pulled together when the crisis happens, while 40% have a standing group. 
  • Only a Third Audit their Emergency Response Programs – Only 38% of companies audit their emergency crisis program, and of those, a majority do it as part of EHS Audits

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