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Guiding Manufacturers for Decades

Celebrate 90 years with Manufacturers Alliance and hear how the industry has changed from Stephen Gold, President and CEO.
Hear from Raj Batra, President, Digital Industries, Siemens USA and Chair, Manufacturers Alliance.

Manufacturers Alliance’s Commitment to Inclusion

Our mission is to power manufacturing leaders. We believe that diversity in leadership leads to a more dynamic manufacturing sector, a more cohesive society, and a more vibrant economy. Having a diverse membership, workforce, and industry allows us to learn from a wide variety of experiences, skills, and knowledge unlocking new opportunities. We are committed to championing inclusion and creating an environment of belonging for everyone. We will spotlight various voices and insights across all our content channels to fuel innovation and growth for our organization, membership, and the manufacturing industry.

A Valued Resource

Manufacturers Alliance® is the leading executive development and business insights organization serving the needs of manufacturing leaders at all levels. Our purpose is to power manufacturing leaders through their careers. 

Connecting with Peers

We provide a network for executives to share knowledge, expertise, benchmarking studies, and best practices. Our Foundation produces in-depth research into the latest trends related to talent, technology, and transformation in the manufacturing space.

History of Manufacturers Alliance

A Long History of Support

We’ve been supporting manufacturing leaders since 1933. Learn more about our story

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