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Where Senior Leaders Convene

Join an exclusive group of peers in 26 functions comprised of manufacturing leaders from mid- to large Cap companies.

We’ve got your people.

There is nothing like the understanding of individuals who are walking in your shoes. Our exclusive Council membership brings together manufacturing peers in 26 distinct areas. Our members tell us that connecting with people who have faced the same challenges and providing actionable lessons learned helps them take their careers to the next level with confidence. 

Membership is open to the most senior function leader at manufacturing companies with a large U.S. presence and $750M or more in revenue.

Explore the Councils

Our Council programs are slated into Communities. Explore more on the best fit for your role.

    Business strategy

    Business Strategy Councils

    • Division Leadership
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Strategy & Corporate Development

    Finance community

    Finance Councils

    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Financial
    • Financial Planning & Analysis
    • Internal Audit
    • Investor Relations
    • Tax
    • Treasury

    Legal and Compliance community

    Legal & Compliance Councils

    • Chief Legal Officer
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Environmental, Health & Safety
    • Ethics & Compliance
    • Human Resources
    • Risk Management
    • Sustainability

    Operations community

    Operations Councils

    • Engineering, Research & Development
    • Information & Cybersecurity
    • Information Systems
    • Logistics
    • Manufacturing
    • Plant Management
    • Quality
    • Supply Chain

    Benefits for Council Members

    • In-person and virtual meetings with your council on pressing issues
    • 24/7/365 “closed-door” online community of peers
    • Benchmarking among your function or broader roles
    • A membership tier to support your teams and direct reports
    • Roundtable conversations to share ideas and challenges
    • In-person and virtual facility tours to see the latest tools in action

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    In Good Company

    Apply for Council membership and get the advantages of learning from other manufacturing leaders with the same challenges as you.