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Circle Membership

We empower manufacturing leaders to excel in their career and at their organization.

Helping You Strengthen Your Professional Community

In our 90-year history, Manufacturers Alliance has learned to create communities for manufacturing leaders, with manufacturing leaders. Traditionally, we've focused on the top person in each of our 26 job functions, but we are expanding our focus to a wider pool of manufacturing executives with Circle Membership. 

If you are a direct report or senior team member in one of our function areas, this Circle Membership tier connects people with jobs like yours, at companies like yours — with problems like yours. By finding the right people for you, developing your professional network becomes easier, faster, and more relevant on day one. In early 2024, we will be launching Circles in human resources, indirect procurement, internal audit, legal, treasury, and tax. 

Are You Ready for This?

While the new membership doesn't launch until January, we've got some preliminary roundtables that you can take advantage of to get you plugged in before membership kicks off. We recommend you apply for membership now to see if you are eligible for one of our current or future offerings. 

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Who We Are

If you aren't familiar with us already, Manufacturers Alliance is a nonprofit association that convenes manufacturing leaders across functions to share peer insights amongst a trusted, vetted membership community. These communities support individuals and organizations for their professional development to help make informed, strategic and timely decisions across the enterprise. We know that supporting leadership teams across manufacturing empowers them to excel in their career and at their organization – creating stronger organizations and strengthening the bottom line for next-gen manufacturers.

What to Expect After Applying

Once you apply, you can expect to hear from a team member to share next steps. Any questions? Reach out to Kristy Kelly at