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Our communities of industry professionals are focused on the whole lifecycle of manufacturing. From the office to the factory floor, Manufacturers Alliance brings together an exclusive peer network for insights and connections on the international scale.

Building Connections

Our communities help you navigate through the all the functions of manufacturing to find peer groups that work together. With 26 Councils and 5 Circles, we serve a variety of members segmented by departments and seniority. Our Council membership is mainly designed for the senior most leader in a job function. The Circle membership aims to support direct reports and function leaders spread globally, who report to the corporate function leader. Councils and Circles have separate memberships but can share similar workplace concerns.


Manufacturers Alliance is passionate about uncovering the latest issues facing the industry. Members have the unparalleled opportunity to connect with peers, but they also can get the latest on other issues outside of their specific functional area, such as talent, technology, the economy, and ESG. We know our members have a myriad of responsibilities and interests, so we provide opportunities to explore and grow in a way that supports individuals’ personal needs.  

Explore our unique network of functions and communities to learn what we can offer manufacturers looking to grow their careers and improve their organizations.

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