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Allow List Instructions

At Manufacturers Alliance, we strive to provide our members with unique relevant content. To that end, we use a variety of communication tools in order to distribute information effectively.

Saving your Council or Circle director's email address in your email platform is a good practice. Additionally, to help our emails make it to your inbox, please add our main email addresses to your contact list or safe senders in your email platform. That helps the system recognize that you want email from us. We use the following email addresses to send emails:

  • (Council newsletters and communications)
  • (Circle newsletters and communications)
  • (CPE and other credit information)
  • (conferences, webinars, and more)
  • (invitations to participate in surveys and notification of results)
  • (invoices, receipts, and membership news)

Additionally, our online community platform, the Manufacturing Hub, uses Higher Logic to run the community. Please add the following two addresses to your contact list or safe sender list to ensure you receive those emails as well. Please visit Higher Logic for more specific allow list instructions related to the Hub.


If you are having difficulty with our emails getting to you and your colleagues, please have your IT department allow the following domains, hosts, and IP addresses. Allowing these helps ensure that you will always be able to receive and view Manufacturers Alliance content.



IP Addresses: