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Tax Council

Join chief tax officers from mid- to large Cap global manufacturing companies to share best practices, benchmark, and network with peers.

"Manufacturers Alliance offers a unique opportunity to network in-depth with peers across a broad spectrum of industries. This provides insight across a wide range of issues and viewpoints, and is invaluable to staying current and leading edge on behalf of our companies."

— John Schreiber , Vice President of Global Tax at Twilio Inc.
Tax council

Council Membership

The Tax council addresses the most pressing tax issues for manufacturers. Some recent examples:

• United States and International Reporting
• Cutting Edge Tax Technology
• Talent Acquisition and Retention
• Politics Impact on Tax
• Partnering with Other Departments

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Council Chairs

Douglas Horvath

Douglas Horvath, Chair

Vice President, Tax, Trinity Industries, Inc.

Corinne Good

Corinne Good, Vice Chair

Vice President, Tax, Berwind Corporation

Content Advisory Board

Ju Lee, GlobalFoundries

Ju Lee

Head of Tax, GlobalFoundries

Candy Terrill, HNI Corporation

Candy Terrill

Vice President, Tax, HNI Corporation

Chris Trunck, Nucor Corporation

Chris Trunck

Vice President, Tax

Dave Vernieri, AdvanSix

Dave Vernieri

Tax Director, AdvanSix