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Information & Cybersecurity Council

Join chief information security officers and cybersecurity professionals from mid- to large Cap global manufacturing companies to share best practices, benchmark, and network with peers.

“As the cyber threat landscape rapidly evolves, and the threat actors step up their game, it’s more important than ever to have such a trusted and transparent group to share information and learn from others... Information can make your organization stronger without having to do all the work yourself, which is nearly impossible. The criminals are extremely effective at collaborating and sharing information on the dark web, and as cyber professionals, we have to raise our level of information sharing as well.”

— Brian Cyphert , CISO and Executive Director, Global IT Infrastructure
Cybersecurity tech in manufacturing plant

Council Membership

The Information & Cybersecurity Council addresses the elevated cyberattacks on industrial companies and the unique technology issues facing manufacturers. Some upcoming highlights:

• Approaches in product security 

• Responsibilities of CISOs 

• Deploying cybersecurity training

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