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2022 First Quarter CEO Outlook

Thirty-three manufacturing leaders participated in this poll conducted from April 18 to May 3, sharing their take on the issues of importance right now.

Key Findings

  • Supply chain concerns continue – The majority of leaders ranked supply chain disruptions as the top topic for the remainder of 2022.
  • Concerns over shortage of skills in specific locations continue – For 41% of leaders, shortage of skills in specific locations is the top talent concern.
  • Workforce expectations pressuring future of work and corporate cultures – For nearly 80% of leaders, workforce expectations are a top concern for future of work and corporate culture.
  • Malware & phishing attacks are top concerns – For nearly half of leaders, malware and phishing attacks affecting corporate finances are top cybersecurity concern.
  • Sustainability initiatives expected to accelerate – Substantial progress will be made on carbon footprint initiatives and strategies by January 2023, say 73% of leaders.
  • Leaders’ commitments to DEI continue – More than two thirds of CEOs agree that their companies will hire and/or promote at least 20% more underrepresented employees than at present.
  • Remote work becoming the new normal – More leaders expect corporate office employees will continue working fewer days in the office than pre pandemic compared to the 2020 CEO survey.

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