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FY22 Cybersecurity Strategy and Budget Benchmark

The Manufacturers Alliance InfoSec community shared their approaches to cybersecurity strategy and budget in March and April of 2022.

  • At least 1/3 of organizations involve compliance positions in application reviews—36% of companies involve compliance positions in third-party application reviews. Other participating positions include IT, cybersecurity and legal.
  • Split approaches on who is responsible for product security—For 42% of companies, IT department is responsible for product security, while another 42% say engineering is responsible.
  • Most experienced an increase in expenditures in FY21—88% experienced an increase in expenditures compared to FY20, with a majority seeing an increase of 2%-5%.
  • The main partners in cybersecurity are the local FBI office—86% work with the local FBI office on cybersecurity.
  • Majority allow the use of thumb drives—46% allow the use of thumb drives and 42% only in specific situations.

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