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FY23 Ethics and Compliance Function

Key Findings

  • At least a third of centralized activities at the corporate level – For 33% of respondents, all EC activities occur at the corporate center, while for 54%, a central group sets corporate standards and strategies. 
  • In about 2/3 of companies, HR handles EC-related investigations – While most respondents stated that the ECC department handles EC-related investigations, in 2/3, HR is part of those investigations as well. 
  • Only a third of EC leaders report to the CEO – At least half of leaders report to the Chief Legal Officer, but 32% report to the CEO/Chairman. 
  • EC teams are collaborative partners – 89% of EC teams operate as collaborative partners at some level, and of those, 54% describe themselves as being sometimes independent. 
  • Corporate is the leader – When it comes to EC activities and responsibilities, Corporate takes the lead while Division or Business Unit support. 
  • Hotlines are the primary metrics for EC performance – 91% of respondents use hotlines to measure the performance of EC functions. Other metrics include employee surveys and action item turnaround time. 

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