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Improve Diversity & Inclusion Practices in Manufacturing

Manufacturers Alliance members answered survey questions about companies’ diversity and inclusion efforts and effectiveness. 

Key Findings

  • Nearly two-thirds of company respondents did not have well-defined values of diversity and inclusion.
  •  Less than a quarter of companies (17%) consider all company leaders as part of the strategy. 
    • Nearly one-third still rely on HR to drive diversity and inclusion, while close to a quarter of the companies believe the tone is set at the top and must have CEO commitment.
  • While focused efforts to recruit women and millennials have been in place for an extended period, groups like the disabled and the LBGTQA+ community have been overlooked by nearly half (44% and 46%, respectively) of manufacturing companies. 
  • Most manufacturing companies are recruiting at campus events, attending job fairs, and partnering with educational institutions, but promoting diverse referrals and partnering with government institutions had the biggest impact on recruiting efforts.

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