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Treasury Function: Leadership & Structure

2023 Benchmarking

Manufacturers Alliance surveyed members to share how the structure and activities of their Treasury function compare with other manufacturing companies.

Key Findings

  • An overwhelming majority have been Treasurers for 10 years or fewer – 72 percent, close to ¾ of respondents, have been in their roles for fewer than 10 years.
  • Treasurers wear many hats – Treasurers are juggling multiple activities, with insurance/risk management being the top activity. But they are also handling other tasks as you can see in the chart below.
  • Treasury departments believe in a clear chain of command – A vast majority of treasury functions (88%) have reporting structures that are well defined, where decision-making is formal and flows from the top down.
  • Treasurers are embracing the new world of work – A commanding majority (80%) allow their staff to work under a hybrid arrangement. 
  • New & departing Treasurers share a common thread – 88 percent arrive from outside the organizations, and 61% of departing employees take opportunities outside the company.

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