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Foundation Research Projects

Hype or Hope?

Current and Prospective AI Uses in Manufacturing 

While ChatGPT has made major headlines over the past year, artificial intelligence has a much broader reach and significantly greater potential for manufacturers, as their exploration and implementation of machine learning and deep learning has demonstrated over the past decade. Using a combination of survey results and interviews, Manufacturers Alliance Foundation will undertake research that examines use cases in these areas:

  • Automation (factory, robotics process) 
  • Equipment maintenance (predictive, preventive) 
  • Expert assistance for production and maintenance workers 
  • Supply chain management (order management, price forecasting, logistics) 
  • Info systems management and cybersecurity 
  • Design, engineering, and production (product development, quality control) 
  • Warehouse management (inventory, customer lead times) 
  • Miscellaneous: talent management, financial forecasting, legal and IP protection

Additionally, the research will include an overview of the AI taxonomy and where generative AI fits.  The Alliance will explore developing technologies that are still untapped by many manufacturers, and find out what software companies are planning next.

The report will address many of the obstacles to adoption, including a shortage of skilled workers, the learning curve for AI applications, cybersecurity and privacy concerns, legal issues, poor data quality, and costs. And finally, we’ll offer suggestions on building a roadmap that engages AI across the enterprise.

The Alliance will rely on its own membership and team with other organizations to ensure sufficient breadth and depth for our case studies. 

Your Support

The Alliance Foundation is authoring original  research to help manufacturers make smarter business decisions about how to plan for and implement AI as part of their digital transformation journies. This project is a significant undertaking and will require support. 

The Foundation is seeking contributions to defray the costs of this project. Such contributions to the Alliance Foundation, a 501(c)(3) educational institution, are considered a charitable donation and are typically 100% tax deductible. 

Your Participation

Along with the tax benefits of a charitable donation, underwriters of the research will receive:

  • Recognition with your logo on the final report
  • Acknowledgement at a post-publication event (virtual or in person) that will be scheduled to present and discuss the findings
  • Recognition with your logo on the report web page
  • Acknowledgement in the press release
  • Recognition on the Alliance Foundation’s website 
  • Thank you to each sponsor via social media campaign

We Need You

The Manufacturers Alliance Foundation is seeking a $5,000 commitment for the project. To participate, contact