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Operations Workforce Trends and Talent Strategies

As manufacturing companies continue to struggle with workforce issues, leaders have shared their strategies and challenges with retention and recruitment in the operations function as well as their experience on what has been successful.
A few takeaways:

  • TURNOVER RATE INCREASED AND EXPECTED TO CONTINUE – More than 2/3 of companies experienced an increase in turnover over the past 3 months. 82% expect turnover rates to remain the same or increase over the next 6 months.
  • ENTRY LEVEL POSITIONS HAD THE HIGHEST TURNOVER – Entry level positions had by far the highest turnover both before and during the pandemic.
  • CONSISTENT TALENT CHALLENGES ACROSS COMPANIES – Majority of leaders listed limited talent pools, skills, labor competition and government subsidies as the main workforce shortage challenges.
  • FOR MOST, ENTRY LEVEL LABOR IS HARDER TO RECRUIT THAN ENGINEERS – 61% of companies rated entry level labor as the most difficult to recruit, compared to the 29% companies that selected engineers
  • FLEXIBLE WORK MODELS ARE A CHALLENGE FOR RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION – Over 1/3 of companies note expectations around flexible work arrangements as a top recruitment and retention challenge.

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