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Division Leadership Council

Join division presidents from mid- to large Cap global manufacturing companies to share best practices, benchmark, and network with peers.

“I became involved with Manufacturers Alliance in February 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning. My involvement in the group during such a dynamic timeframe was invaluable. The opportunity to network with peers via roundtable discussions as well as gain insight from a variety of economic experts helped me navigate and feel connected. I was impressed with how well Manufacturers Alliance was able to create meaningful discussions in a virtual environment. I am now thrilled to be part of the pivot back to a cadence of in-person meetings and creating even deeper connections with other business leaders.”

— Emily Poladian , President, Firestone Industrial Products

Council Membership

The Division Leadership Council is comprised of division presidents and addresses the issues critical to growth. Some recent examples:

• Capital allocation and automation 

• Digitalization to drive business performance 

• Strategic growth initiatives

• Talent acquisition and recruitment  

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