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Strategy & Corporate Development Council

Join senior strategy and corporate development officers from mid- to large Cap global manufacturing companies to share best practices, benchmark, and network with peers.

“We wanted to know how our peers use outside resources / investment banks in acquisitions. A Manufacturers Alliance survey provided information from 30+ companies... The turnaround was quick; the results were presented clearly and concisely.”

— Eric McGinnis , VP, Business Development, Regal Beloit
Strategy and Corporate Development council

Council Membership

The Strategy & Corporate Development council addresses the most pressing issues for manufacturers. Some recent examples:

• Integration, RMT & Carve-Out case studies
• Strengthening the ties between strategy and investor relations
• Capital deployment framework
• Strategic planning process
• Setting up a corporate VC fund

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Council Chairs

Paul DellaNeve, Moog Inc.

Paul DellaNeve, Chair

Vice President, Corporate Development, Moog Inc.

Dara Mitchell, Kadant Inc.

Dara Mitchell, Vice Chair

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Kadant Inc.