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ESG in Manufacturing

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Jun 15, 2022   – 
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Two sessions were recorded at the conference. Watch Effective ESG Communications Strategy and Decarbonizing the Manufacturing Industry on demand.

Take a Closer Look at ESG

Many industry outlooks for 2022, predict environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investments will be on the rise. Transparency on diversity, equity, and inclusion metrics as well as board diversity will likely be on the rise. Carbon neutral will become carbon net zero as companies are expected to reduce or eliminate carbon from their operations. Accountability will take the place of transparency on sustainability goals. Manufacturers will need to evolve their ESG strategies to address new challenges instead of resting on their past promises and commitments.

This virtual seminar will benefit manufacturing leaders across many functions, including sustainability, investor relations, operations management, and finance. You can expect to hear about goals and trends from experts and peers, who will highlight shared challenges and successful implementations. Register now or check back soon as we add speakers and sessions.

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