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Freight Outlook 2024 & Nearshoring's Impact on Logistics in Mexico

Event Details
Nov 8, 2023   – 
On Demand, 1 hour

Join us for this engaging discussion, where we’ll shine a spotlight on the rapidly evolving trends in nearshoring and their significant influence on Mexico's logistics landscape. Our panel of industry experts will provide an in-depth analysis of the upcoming freight outlook, offering unique viewpoints into the current nearshoring situation and its potential to reshape Mexico's role in the global supply chain.

Attendees will learn:

  • The strategic shift towards nearshoring and what lies ahead for global trade in 2024
  • Mexico's competitive advantage and its potential to emerge as a nearshoring hub
  • How nearshoring will influence trade relationships, geopolitical impacts, and economic growth in Mexico
  • Potential challenges and opportunities for stakeholders in North America’s transportation industry 

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Mauro Rodrigo González

Chief Synergy Officer and President, On-Demand, Ascent

Mauro joined Ascent in September 2021 as a tenured Executive with over 22 years in Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain. Mauro led and transformed one of the top companies within the Kuehne + Nagel Network, leading 5,500+ employees and an annual T/O of $1 Billion. Mauro serves as a Mentor and Board Member for the NLA in Hamburg. His education spans degrees in Supply Chain & Logistics, Labor Relations & Human Resources.

Mauro brings top expertise in Management, Strategic Design & Thinking, Innovation, Sales & Marketing, Digitalization, Business and Value Chain Transformation (Change Management). Leadership, Execution, Financial Discipline and Multicultural skills are some of the towering strengths of his personality.

Micah Holst

Chief Commercial Officer, Ascent

Micah serves as Chief Commercial Officer and has been with Ascent since 2004. Micah began his journey in the industry as an operations team member, later transitioning to sales and moving into executive leadership roles starting in 2013. Prior to joining Ascent, Micah played professional baseball in the San Francisco Giants organization for four seasons. Micah graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in General Business.

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