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Improve Cost Analysis with In-Depth Insights into Your SAP Controlling Data

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Feb 21, 2024   – 
Online, 25 minutes

Turning raw data into business intelligence can be a challenge for manufacturers. Without the proper tools, getting meaningful insights out of SAP data to improve production and supply chain operations can be incredibly difficult. Finance teams, now more than ever, are expected to take a leading role in organizational data and have expanded their reach outside of financial data to include operational analysis.  

With an Excel-based reporting tool that has a direct connection to SAP ERP data, finance teams can pull real-time reports and drill into the details to understand critical data points, such as production costs and variances between actual and plan. In this demonstration, SAP subject matter expert Mark Pockl will show you how to quickly build finance reports that can continuously aid in analyzing the costs that determine business outcomes.

This webinar is a part of the Establishing a Culture of Data-Driven Decision Making financial technology series.


Mark Pockl, Senior Solutions Engineer

Mark Pockl

Senior Solutions Engineer, insightsoftware

Mark Pockl is a Senior Solutions Engineer with insightsoftware specializing in SAP reporting solutions. Driven and passionate about all things SAP, Mark provides SAP subject matter expertise and training to customers, partners, and prospects. Prior to joining insightsoftware in 2013, Mark was an SAP FICO Analyst with Matthews International.