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Remote Work Practices and Post-Pandemic Outlook

One potential silver lining from the pandemic is accelerated change to traditional work arrangements. Many companies adapted to the need for remote work and now see longer-term benefits. Manufacturers Alliance polled its members to help manufacturers benchmark current practices and future expectations for remote work.

Key findings include:

  • Non-production workers continue to work remotely effectively – A majority of companies have more than 75% of non-production FTEs working remotely.
  • 92% of executives rate these remote work arrangements as effective.
  • A majority of executives expect remote work to continue beyond the pandemic, but expectations vary by function – About half of finance teams expect to be working remote partially, for example, while more than 35% of sales teams will be fully remote. 
  • Some companies already provide employees a stipend to support remote work – 1 in 4 are providing $200 or more annually on average for remote work expenses.
  • A majority of companies are considering reducing their office footprint – Almost 60% of companies are likely to reduce office space as they continue with remote work in the next 2 years.

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